I had the privilege of transforming the space of Dance With Miss Rachel, a successful dance studio for children located in Tribeca.  The owner asked for an enchanted escape for the little ballerinas.  The columns that were once an obstacle became a woodland inspiration!
A small but fun project occurred earlier this year when I was asked to paint in a lovely home home in New Jersey directly on the wall to mask an unattractive dumbwaiter.  The molding was painted out to act as a frame and I created an Asian inspired piece to tie in with the home's exisiting decor.
The Irish Exit located in midtown is a classic Irish pub.  They called on me to capture some iconic Irish elements with my own artistic instincts.  I played with scale and landscape and added a personal touch to this NYC staple.
I was honored to paint a mural for a client as she welcomed her very first child! She wanted a simple room of white and pink neutrals so I created this simple mural where the crib could fit right under the birdcage where all the stars in the sky originate.
I had the pleasure of designing and painting a travel-friendly banner for KEEN, a non-profit for children with disabilities and their families.  This banner is for their newest program "KEEN On Growing" which has the kids gardening in an urban space
In 2014, I was a featured artist in the Art Park Series for NYC's famous attraction The Highline.  I painted a large piece called "Into Focus" live in front of a crowd to celebrate the Highline and the piece remains at the prestigious Abington House.